I have been dealing with Price’s Alarms for many years and i’m always amazed how many great people you have working there.

The fellow who originally sold me the system knew his stuff, lead me through setting up the right system for my needs and walked through my home offering some really great tips as he toured my home. I always thought security was just about thieves but my system protects me from so much more. I still remember him telling me that “thieves take your things but fire takes the whole house”, and that “smoke detectors are really just to protect you when you are home”, now my house is protected when i’m at work too.

I was lucky enough to have two installation people install my system as one was in training so i actually learned a lot about the pride they take in their jobs. They were so professional and tidy too, seeing him up on a ladder drilling a hole while holding a box underneath to catch the dust was the ultimate in respect for me.

When i call in and talk to the monitoring station, everyone is fast, friendly and so professional. These people aren’t in some far away land and it is obvious when you talk to them, they know where I live and what it is like and how the weather is, and that we’ve had forest fires in the area this year. They are so nice!

Knowing you are talking to local people makes a big difference!

I’ve called in most recently and talked to the service department and the nicest guy sent me to my keypad to perform a bunch of steps to resolve my issue, on his end he could even see that what I was doing was working. He was so helpful, friendly and supportive.

Thank you Price’s Alarms. You have such a great team of people that i recommend you to everyone needing security.

Carol M. Abbotsford, BC