GSM Cellular Backup

The smart option for your business is a GSM cellular backup.

Security System Communication Alternatives To Tradition Telephone Lines

In a difficult economy, every business is looking to be more innovative. Unfortunately, many unsavory individuals are doing the same. Recently, we’ve seen increasing numbers of criminals breaking into businesses and cutting phone lines and network cables to try to disable security systems. They’re doing this so they can take their time loading getaway vehicles with everything of value.

Don’t let the bad guys get away with it. A smart option for your business is a GSM cellular backup.

Stay One Step Ahead Of Potential Intruders

Security systems from TELUS Custom Security Systems are already designed to trigger alarms if there’s any attempt at tampering, but cellular backup adds an extra layer of protection. By the time your unwanted visitor can get to the alarm panel to try to smash it, it’s too late. The signal has gone out to our monitoring centre via the cellular network. And if the system isn’t properly deactivated or if TELUS Custom Security Systems doesn’t get the right response from a contact over the phone, we’ll alert the authorities and get someone to your business right away.

GSM cellular backup is a must for all businesses, and it’s cheaper than even the most basic of cell phones. These systems are often a simple upgrade to an existing security system. Sometimes a new alarm panel is needed. Either way, TELUS Custom Security Systems can get you the equipment you need without breaking the bank. Don’t leave your business open to insurance claims and downtime for police investigations while you clean up after a break in. Call TELUS Custom Security Systems and ask for a commercial security specialist to review your security and provide a no-charge quote for GSM cellular backup and monitoring.

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