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How do security systems work?

A security system consists of a control panel that contains a digital dialer with a battery backup, a keypad for arming and disarming the system, a siren and detection devices. TELUS Custom Security Systems provides wired, hybrid and wireless (all-in-one) control panels. All detection devices can communicate to the control panel via wired or wireless communication specifically designed for the security industry. If a circuit is broken when your system is armed (a door or window is opened or if someone walks through an area protected by a motion sensor), your alarm panel will trip, causing your system to activate, siren to sound onsite and our Emergency Response Centre is notified. Burglary is just one component of a well designed security system which also can include fire protection, Police emergency, medical emergency and environmental concerns such as freeze, flood, carbon monoxide detection and more.

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What is the purpose of having a monitored security system?

With TELUS Custom Security Systems, your property is protected round-the-clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing that whether you are at home or away, your home is protected. With a home security system, you, your family members and your cherished possessions are shielded from robbery. When an alarm is detected, you will be contacted (at work, by cell or pager) and the proper authorities will be notified (police or guard service depending upon where you live). Installing an alarm system can save as much as 20% off your insurance premiums!

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How does an alarm report to monitoring station?

With TCSS technology, your system dials a pre-programmed number into our Underwriters Laboratories Inc. approved Emergency Response Centre where our licensed response-operators have access to your address and contact information. Even if someone is talking on the telephone, or if an intruder took the telephone off the hook, it does not matter. The alarm will send a signal and properly communicate with the monitoring station. For those of you without home telephone lines or those wanting the latest in security interaction, cellular units within the alarm control panel communicate to us instantly and can also give you secure connectivity to your system remotely from almost anywhere in the world.

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What types of devices can be monitored by my alarm?

  • Door and window sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Panic buttons
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Medical alert for the elderly
  • Low and high temperature sensors
  • Water detectors
  • Wireless key remotes
  • Want something monitored that is not listed? Please call us today.

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What if I have pets?

TELUS Custom Security Systems motion sensors allow for pet movement while still providing protection. A pet-immune motion sensor is specifically designed so that pets under a certain weight will not cause an alarm. This is achieved through state-of-the-art, dual-sensor technology, located in the motion device.

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What if I accidentally trip my alarm?

First and foremost, remain calm. Simply enter your four digit security code. If you disarm your system within 30 seconds, you don’t have to contact us and our monitoring station can tell that your system was disarmed using the proper code. In the event that your system still does not disarm, press clear and try your code again. If you feel that 30 seconds has elapsed prior to disarming your system, have your passcard ID word or number ready and call the monitoring station to advise them that you accidentally tripped your alarm. You will need to tell the monitoring station your name and passcard ID to prove your identity.

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How long will it take to install my security system?

This all depends on the size of the system and complexity. The typical basic package consisting of one motion sensor and two door sensors typically takes half a day to install.

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What happens when the alarm goes off?

Remember that if you turn off your alarm within 30 seconds of activating it, nothing will happen and you can relax. The Emergency Response Centre knows you have deactivated your system. Should the system activate longer than 30 seconds, a trained dispatcher will call your home or business to verify if you have set the alarm off inadvertently by yourself and will ask for your password. If there is no answer after five rings or the correct password is not given, the proper authorities (police or security guards) are immediately notified and dispatched to your premises. The monitoring station will proceed to go through the list of references you provided for the premises and try to reach a responsible party. Once the police or security guards have arrived, they will do a perimeter check of your premises and look for any visible signs of forced entry. If none are found, they will leave the site. The alarm will reset itself for all untripped zones after approximately four minutes and the siren will stop sounding. If a break-in has occurred, the police or security guards will notify the station and report their findings to you.

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How do false alarms occur?

  • User error (86% of all false alarms)
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Poor system design or device location
  • Poor quality equipment or faulty equipment
  • Programming error

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What happens in the event of a power failure?

For the event of this type of emergency, the system has a back-up supply battery, housed in the control panel. It will recharge itself once the power returns.

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Can the system be set when we are in for the evening?

Yes, arming your system in “STAY OR HOME MODE” disarms the interior motion detector(s) for freedom of movement while keeping the perimeter armed.

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What is the advantage of having a monitored smoke detector?

Most every home has smoke detectors as part of the building code but these detectors are really only meant to protect you when you are home – alerting you to fire so you can get out safely. Having a monitored smoke detector at your premise ensures that the fire department will be contacted if you have a fire emergency. A good photo-electric smoke detector will detect smoke particles caused by even a slow smoldering fire. If you are not at home and do not have a monitoring service, the odds are that no one will hear your smoke alarm when you have a fire at your site! Therefore, it is important that someone monitors this device 24- hours a day! With this service, your smoke detector is continuously monitored through a 24-hour zone, even when your alarm system is not armed!

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What is the difference between wired and wireless systems?

Years ago, most security systems installed by TELUS Custom Security Systems were wired-in systems but with the advancement of wireless communication in recent years, wireless security systems are now much more reliable. We sell both and are specifically choosing the best type of system for your individual needs largely based on whether we can get wires where they need to be or not. In the case of new home construction, planning for wires for the security system while the walls are open makes good sense – and we handle that for you. Wireless systems are very simple to install but each device is visible on doors and windows and each device contains batteries. Because of our expertise and long history in security, TELUS Custom Security Systems is very unique within today’s security industry. Most companies now only sell wireless systems because they are quick and easy to install, where with TELUS Custom Security Systems you get real security designed to best meet your requirements.

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How can my business benefit from CCTV cameras?

The installation of closed circuit television cameras will save your company thousands of dollars in loss prevention. The average retailer loses 5% of their inventory due to employee and customer theft. Statistics show that this loss can be cut in half with the addition of CCTV cameras. Property awareness camera systems for homes and businesses are less expensive that CCTV systems and can sometimes be the best solution. TELUS Custom Security Systems provides both property awareness systems and complete professional CCTV solutions – call us to discuss your needs.

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