Commercial Property Fire Panel Monitoring

Your business or building is a valuable asset. Its safety is critically important to you and to your employees, customers and tenants. Ensure that your commercial property is equipped with a proper fire system, including monitored smoke detectors, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, fire blankets and other important items.

For insurance reasons, commercial fire protection systems should be installed by a certified fire alarm company. Price’s Alarms maintains a list of companies, and we can work with them to ensure your system is connected to our monitoring station in time for inspection. Once your system is in place, Price’s Alarms can provide full 24 hour fire panel monitoring.

We can even augment your system with heat detectors and rate-of-rise detectors. They work separately from your official fire protection system, and often let us know about fires before they can become fully ignited and trigger a commercial smoke detector.

Call our commercial security advisors for more information.