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Protect what matters most… your family and your home!

Residential security solutions

Whether you live in a suite or a large, custom-built house, we have you covered with our comprehensive residential security services. TELUS Custom Security Systems has both the experience and the products needed to protect what you value the most. Combining professional installation services with attractive, modern alarm equipment offering wireless convenience, we can tailor a security solution to meet all your needs and budget requirements.

Through the use of mobile apps, your security system is capable of acting as a communication channel between you and your home. Check when the kids arrive or leave, control and adjust the thermostat and lights or even arm or disarm your system remotely – you’ll have the power!

Security for homes and condos

Security is about providing the peace of mind that your family and belongings are protected at all times. TELUS Custom Security Systems can provide a solution that fits your needs and budget, whether you’re building a new home and want a custom-designed security system or if you have an existing system that requires additional protection features.

A professional system with quality components and attractive controls will not only provide you peace of mind but will also enhance the value of your home.

Electronic security for condo owners can present unique challenges. Unlike newer single-family homes, condominiums may not be pre-wired for security, particularly at higher floor levels. Many condo owners do not have standard phone lines and often encounter problems having their systems monitored by traditional alarm panels. Using the latest technologies, we can solve these issues with wireless security sensor technologies and monitoring delivered through the cellular network or Internet.

Smart home lifestyles

Modern alarm panels have the ability operate as the ‘brain’ of a smart home, allowing you to add and remotely control active energy managing thermostats, electronic door locks, lights and appliances right through the system. You can even remotely arm or disarm and view any attached cameras with many of our systems!

Using a convenient app on your smartphone (or a browser on your computer), you can schedule and customize these controls to work automatically, or in concert with other alarm system elements.

Property management

Property managers can rely on TELUS Custom Security Systems’ protection capabilities for reliable and cost-efficient security solutions. We specialize in providing ULC certified alarm and fire systems, alarm monitoring, elevator monitoring, video surveillance and video verification systems, and managed access control systems to commercial properties, condominium and/or townhouse developments.

We realize that your daily responsibilities as a property manager are extremely demanding – which is why our trusted security professionals can confidently handle your protection needs, letting you focus on your day-to-day responsibilities without hassle.

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