Alarm Installation

After meeting with you, our licensed security advisor creates a custom home security solution that meets your specific security needs. When the alarm technician arrives at your home to complete the installation he has a rough map from our security advisor that shows the basic layout for your home and the planned location for each of the security devices. The alarm technician knows where he can run wires and where he can’t, he’s been highly trained to locate and configure your security devices to give you the best in security coverage while also reducing the occurrence of false alarms. Sometimes, he’ll suggest changes to the original installation plans to better meet your security needs.

Some alarm companies employ technicians whose sole motivation is to get the installation completed as quickly as possible. While we like to complete the job quickly, TELUS Custom Security Systems holds our alarm technicians accountable for ensuring our standards for a quality installation. Our alarm technician supervisors perform random audits of even our most seasoned technicians to ensure that the quality of work and attention to details are always maintained.

TELUS Custom Security Systems handles wired and wireless alarm component solutions. Many alarm companies suggest that wireless is the latest and greatest but that isn’t true. We always prefer to wire an alarm system if we can get wires there, if we can’t, we use wireless. Wired solutions tend to be more reliable and don’t require changing batteries on each individual device while also rarely ever encountering communication problems. Some situations require wireless devices and while most wireless devices operate best at limited distances some solutions are now available which can handle most any situation.

When our alarm technicians come to your home for the installation appointment, you can be sure that they:

  • Are fully licensed to work in Security in British Columbia
  • Undergo rigorous training
  • Understand multiple alarm products from many major manufacturers
  • Receive continuing professional development
  • Are experienced in high-level customer service standards
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