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TELUS Custom Security Systems Owned 24-7 ULC Certified Monitoring Station

TELUS Custom Security Systems owns and operates our own ULC certified monitoring station serving BC clients. There is only one measuring stick when it comes to verification and compliance to minimum standards for a monitoring center, and it is ULC. The building construction, security, systems, procedures, and record-keeping are all subject to engineering requirements and regular inspections. Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) is a not-for-profit organization representing stakeholders from the insurance industry, security providers, and customers to develop standards by which we adhere. Currently as TELUS Custom Security System, Price’s has maintained a ULC listing since 1986 and is one of the only ULC approved security companies on Vancouver Island. The assurances you will receive in dealing with a ULC monitoring station are:

The assurances you will receive in dealing with a ULC monitoring station are:

  • Approved building design and construction
  • Controlled entry to operations room
  • Adequate UPS/battery backup
  • Adequate generator backup with auto-switchover
  • Redundant configuration of all computer hardware
  • Spare parts for all alarm receiving equipment
  • Data backup integrity
  • Meticulous record keeping
  • ULC approved monitoring dispatch software
  • Training program
  • Staffing requirements
  • Backup lighting
  • Regular inspections by ULC staff

This is an actual photo of our ULC Emergency Response Centre located right here in BC – owned and staffed by TELUS Custom Security Systems. Who are you being monitored by and where are they located? We are proud of our monitoring station and the customer service we provide!

Accurate Response

The monitoring station includes state-of-the-art computer systems and redundant backups to watch all incoming signal activity and alert our professional staff the instant there’s an issue. Automation software processes and prioritizes signals and presents customized dispatch instructions to ensure accurate response to alarm events.  Response actions are logged with date and time for full accountability and disclosure. The dispatch software dials phone numbers for monitoring staff to reduce the risk of errors whilst recording exact time and date and the number dialed.

Unparalleled Dispatch Speed

A quick response is another solid reason for having an alarm system monitored by TELUS Custom Security Systems.  The faster our response is, the faster the appropriate action can be taken for the situation. For local fire and police departments, TELUS Custom Security Systems is the monitoring service. They know that our response is fast, that we know the market and that we are fully professional. We have also tailored our response procedure to suit individual police detachments and fire departments and often hear from them asking us to heighten dispatch protocols because of a rash of break-ins or arson reports.

In addition to a thorough criminal background check,  all of our monitoring station employees receive extensive training in alarm response. We have a Security Industry Association (SIA) certified trainer on staff to ensure that new recruits are trained to the highest industry standards that our customers have come to expect. Our comprehensive training program is an intensive one-on-one training system including daily written performance reviews and charting of progress. Our staff receive continual professional development training throughout their careers, ensuring that the entire TELUS Custom Security Systems monitoring team holds current knowledge on alarm security and is proficient at handling monitoring transmissions efficiently and appropriately.

Whether you are asleep at home, out for the day, or away on vacation, you know that TELUS Custom Security Systems is monitoring the security of your home with the same care we would monitor our own homes.

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