Optional Devices

Optional Security System Devices

Glass Break Sensors

Pre-entry protection! Should an intruder break any glass trying to enter your home, these sensors allow your system to activate BEFORE he gets inside! These dual-technology sensors are virtually false-alarm proof as they require both simultaneous shock vibrations and glass noise in order to activate.

Wireless Panic Button

Our 24 hour panic buttons offer “help when you need it” protection. Simply press our panic button and even if your security system is in disarm mode, your system will immediately activate and alert our 24 hour monitoring centre.

Smoke Detectors

What happens if you have a fire and no one is home? TELUS Custom Security Systems’ 24 hour monitored smoke detectors offer round-the-clock protection while also reducing your home insurance premiums. Our response operators also know that your system is requesting a fire response action versus a burglary response action. Since we first made them available, our monitored smoke detectors have averted many major structure fires throughout Western Canada.

Carbon Monoxide Sensors

Next to a smoke alarm, a 24 hour monitored carbon monoxide detector may be the most important item you could have in your home. Without the aid of a detector, it would be virtually impossible to know if carbon monoxide was present at dangerous levels. Unfortunately, carbon monoxide (CO) cannot be seen or smelled, and because it can have deadly effects within minutes, it is important to have a functioning detector in your home.

Medical Alert

A medical alert system is a way to get help at the touch of a button. Our system will allow you to continue to lead a safe and independent lifestyle within the confines of your residence.

Let us provide you or someone you care about with the means to summon help when it’s needed. Can be added to nearly any security system or is available as a stand-alone medical device.

Rate of Rise Temperature Sensors

Fires typically cause a rapid rise in temperature in the surrounding area. Our rate-of-rise sensor detects a rapid rise in temperature and signals an alarm if the increase is 15° or more per minute. A built-in fixed temperature sensor will also signal an alarm if the environmental temperature rises above 135°F.

Heat Sensors

If your furnace breaks down or your furnace goes out at the wrong time, you could be in for a real nightmare. Frozen pipes. Overheated pets left at home with the air conditioning out of commission. Heat sensors can alert you or a neighbour before there’s a problem.

Water Sensors

Undetected water damage such as that caused by leaking pipes or corroded water heaters costs homeowners tens of thousands of dollars each year. Such repairs are time consuming and costly to correct. Applications could include computer room sub-floor areas, telephone equipment rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, any areas adjacent to a water storage tank or piping. Also evaporative air conditioners, drip pans, overflows and/or drains.

Wireless Key Remotes

Have wireless control of your security system! You can arm and disarm your security system without having to use your keypad. The recessed buttons help prevent false alarms from unintentionally pressing buttons. You can also trigger a panic alarm through your home security system.

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