Lone Worker / SoloCheck

Dependable and live support for your employees.

Lone Worker Monitoring

TELUS Custom Security Systems helps organizations ensure the safety of employees who work alone. Our lone worker monitoring program is a simple to use, always vigilant and cost-effective solution. Lone worker monitoring provides peace of mind for everyone–employees and employers. It provides dependable live support for your employees, with 24/7 monitoring by our ULC certified monitoring station, ensuring a planned response and enhanced safety.

How it works:

  • SoloCheck will call you at preset intervals
  • Automatic escalation is triggered by failure to respond
  • Protocols can be set up to have as few as one escalation call or several before emergency response is sought
  • Our 24/7 monitoring station staff become actively involved, following a predetermined security protocol

Our monitoring station eliminates the need for your own dedicated security staff – a telephone is the only equipment needed, making the program a cost-effective option. Only one phone number needs to be registered and can be used by multiple workers, eliminating multiple user fees.

The SoloCheck program is both an automated and hands-on monitoring system, protecting a work site or an individual. It gives each lone worker the flexibility and protection they need with an easy, automated system and an automatic trigger to our monitoring station initiating a planned response.

Under Bill C-45, an employer can be fined for negligence in employee safety. For more information on BC regulations and your legal responsibility to protect lone workers, visit: www.worksafebc.com and search under OHS Regulations for employees working alone or in isolation.

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