Temperature Monitoring

Temperature alarms help minimize the losses or damage to commercial and industrial locations.

High and Low Temperature Monitoring

Too Hot or too Cold – We’ll let you know. For many commercial and industrial properties, optimal temperature is crucial.  Whether you have refrigeration units that require a frosty climate, greenhouses that demand a balmy environment, or are located in an area prone to frozen water pipes, TELUS Custom Security Systems offers temperature monitoring services that let you know when the conditions are less than ideal.  We’ll let you know as soon as the temperature in your property is below or above required standards, giving you extra time to address the issue.

Temperature monitors are useful in a variety of applications

  • Storage facilities
  • Computer server facilities
  • Archive facilities
  • In conjunction with flood monitoring for pipes vulnerable to freezing
  • Warehouses
  • Cold storage/refrigeration facilities

Protect Your Business 24/7/365

When you’re at your commercial property only part of the day, or perhaps part of the year, you need peace of mind when you’re not there.  Temperature alarms help minimize the losses or damage to commercial and industrial locations and will help ensure that any downtime will be kept to a minimum.


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