Elevator Monitoring Services

When you need us, we are there.

Elevator Help Button Monitoring

TELUS Custom Security Systems does not install or service elevators, but because of our monitoring station, we are the ideal organization to provide elevator monitoring services. Many times you’ll see a button or a telephone in elevators that allow you to contact help should the elevator become stuck due to power failure or system failure. We are the company on the other end of that button or telephone.

Our 24/7 ULC certified monitoring station provides security contact to those elevators in the same way we do for burglary alarms. When you need us we are there. In fact, we are always there ready to respond to emergencies as they occur.

Elevator monitoring is different than alarm response while also very much the same. As you can probably imagine, being trapped in an elevator can be a traumatic experience. Our monitoring station personnel recognize the seriousness of such an event and are well trained to provide the calming voice and assurance that emergency service technicians have been dispatched.

Being trapped in a dark elevator can seem uncertain when you don’t know when the lights will come on and the door will open. 

Call TELUS Custom Security Systems and ask to speak to our commercial security advisors regarding all the details and alternatives surrounding elevator monitoring.

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