Minimize Flood Damage To Your Business

Flood damage to your commercial property can happen in various ways:

  • A frozen water pipe that has burst
  • Faulty sump pumps
  • Faulty machinery that requires water flow
  • Seasonal flooding
  • Cracked building foundations
  • Power outages
  • Sewer back-up and overflow

Water damage can happen to any property, in any season and in any climate.  Even if your business isn’t located in a flood-prone area or a cold climate, a small amount of flood water can cause thousands of dollars in flood damage. In many cases it’s unanticipated, making it difficult to plan for minimizing the amount of damage done your business.  Flood alarms provide notification when there is water accumulation in your property, giving you more time to address the source of the flooding sooner rather than later.

Flood monitoring is useful for:

  • Retail storefronts
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Storage facilities
  • Institutional buildings
  • Rental houses and townhomes
  • Rental condos
  • Vacation homes