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Keeping An Eye On Your Home – CCTV Cameras and Video

Wired and wireless video camera solutions and CCTV are available for your home in a number of different ways.

We provide residential customers with a great solution that ties your security system together with wireless cameras and allow you to save and view clips or live video from just about any mobile device or internet-connected computer from anywhere in the world. This video product is available as a standalone product or as an add-on to service from TCSS which allows you to control your security system remotely.


We also offer Professional Security Grade CCTV Cameras, which are available as custom solutions from our Systems Division that specializes in CCTV Camera solutions.


In most residential situations, the wireless video service, combined together with your security alarm system, is a wonderful solution. We offer several different cameras for the service to monitor your home

  1. A wireless fixed-lens camera that is installed in position and pointed specifically at an area that you would like to monitor, such as your front doorway or living room area. This camera has infrared and therefore see in complete darkness
  2. A wireless pan and tilt camera which allows you to remotely control the area where the camera is viewing.
  3. An outdoor wireless infrared camera is also available. Power for these cameras can sometimes be difficult in many homes, so site surveys by our experienced security advisors or technicians are best before we’ll recommend this as a solution. Very strong Wi-FIi connectivity and large internet upload speeds are also a requirement on outdoor cameras.
  4. New IP security cameras and CCTV solutions come available from time to time as camera technology continues to advance – contact us for the latest information.

With and video monitoring, you’ll have watchdogs, not just cameras.


  • Watch live video from multiple cameras
  • Motion activated recording
  • Alarm activated recording
  • Instant notifications to email or text message
  • View live video and clips from anywhere via almost any smart phone or computer
  • Cameras are managed wireless connections to your broadband internet

See what is going on at home while you are away – protect your family and property with video monitoring and from TELUS Custom Security Systems. Video monitoring can be a fantastic solution for many homeowners while offering unique advantages at a fraction of the cost of commercial video monitoring solutions. Outdoor security and outdoor wireless video solutions can be tricky and sometimes expensive but our Systems Division which specializes in professional-grade CCTV solutions can certainly help guide you through the difficult decisions if professional security grade CCTV is going to be the best solution for you. Please contact us for further information on the various video camera solutions we provide.

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