Home Security Awareness

How do you think about home security? Your security system is just a component of home security and to truly provide the safety and security you deserve, you’ll need to think about more than just your alarm.

In most cases, how long will a burglar spend trying to break in?

  • 1 minute. It may not seem like a long time – to you – but to a burglar it seems like an eternity. If you can deter them that long – or longer – you stand a very good chance of turning them away.

Compared to an unalarmed residence, a home with a monitored alarm system is…

  • 6 times less likely to be targeted by burglars. Burglars play the odds. All things being equal, given a choice between a house with a monitored alarm system and one without, they will choose the one without every time.

Are your entrance doors solid core?

  • If they’re not, they should be. The more solid your door, the stronger it will be – and the harder it will be for burglars to kick it in.

Do they have 1″ dead bolts?

  • A dead-bolt is a steel bolt lock that you have to set with a key or turn-latch. It has nothing to do with the doorknob lock. You want a 1″ bolt to make sure it sits deeply into the door jamb. For obvious reasons, the jamb plate should be steel and set with 1 ½” screws.

Can all your sliding doors and windows be locked with steel pins?

  • Steel pins are like little dead-bolts for your windows. You don’t set them with keys or turn-latches, you just push them into place and they do a great job of securing your windows.

Can any windows left open for ventilation be secured?

  • The above steel pin system has two or more settings: one is for when the window is completely closed, the others for various widths of opening (all narrower than even a child could squeeze through).

Do you belong to a Neighborhood Watch or similar program?

  • It’s this simple, no police force or security patrol can watch a neighborhood as efficiently as the people who live there, and no one knows when something isn’t quite right like your neighbour.

Is your residence or building number visible from the street?

  • This has very little to do with crime deterrent, but everything to do with your security. When seconds can mean the difference between life and death, having a clear and clearly visible house number means the emergency response unit will not have to waste valuable seconds searching for your home.

Is your entrance door well lit?

  • Crooks might come in through your back door or window, but more often than not, they’ll leave by your front door. The brighter your entrance area, the easier it will be for your neighbour to spot a crook leaving – and the less tempting it will be to a crook. Put in one of the new lightbulbs that use significantly less energy and put a timer in place that turns on your front door light automatically at night.

Do you stop deliveries when you are on Vacation (newspaper, mail, etc.)?

  • Nothing says “NOBODY’S HOME, COME IN AND ROB THE PLACE” like a pile of newspapers and mail on the doorstep.

When was the last time you walked around your home and inspected it for risks?

  • If you take the time to look at your home like a burglar would, you may discover the things you should change to reduce the risk of a break in. unlocked doors, open windows, drapes open with expensive items visible. If you reduce the interest, you will reduce the chances of being targeted.
  • Do you keep a ladder outside your home? If you don’t lock it up, it gives a thief a handy tool to gain access to second story windows and doors that may be left open. Lock down your ladders or keep them inside.
  • How well lit is the outside of your home at night? High visibility keep the thieves away.
  • Do you need to trim any bushes or hedges? Many times, all of the beautiful greenery that surround your home can create a nice hiding spot for a thief to take extra time trying to gain access to your home without being noticed by others.

Do you set light timers?

  • Again, this isn’t mandatory, but it will help to fool those crooks who might be watching for those tell-tale signs of vacancy (dark house – or house lights that never go off).

When was the last time you had a licensed security advisor walk through your home with you and develop a security system?

  • A security system inside your home, connected to Price’s Alarms 24/7 monitoring station, says to a thief that they better get running because they haven’t gone unnoticed.
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