Commercial Security Awareness

A quality security system is a standard requirement for any business. It allows you to stay confident and be kept advised while also being protected. Security isn’t just about burglary alarms either; camera systems, access systems, panic alarms, lone worker solutions, flood and temperature monitoring and more help make up the components to your security. How much security is necessary depends on your business, your location, visibility, number of employees, roof access, level of valuables, hours of operation and all of the other security components that make your business susceptible to a security breach. Call Price’s Alarms to have one of our Security Advisors come talk to you about your security needs – As Canada’s Oldest Security, spanning 4 generations of the Price Family, serving British Columbians since 1895, you can trust Price’s Alarms to handle your security.

Walk around your business at midnight – is it well lit?

  • During the late hours of the night, your business is susceptible to burglary or vandalism simply because there are fewer eyes to catch any activity – low lighting means less movement in the shadows and therefore less visibility

Is your outdoor lighting covered by protective covers that make it difficult to disable the lighting?

  • Unscrewing or breaking a light bulb doesn’t take much if it is left bare – security lighting is lighting that can’t easily be disabled by a small rock

Are all doors and windows lit with permanent fixtures which are difficult to reach?

  • Lighting the outside of your business reduces criminal axctivity while also making your business stand out to the public increasing your marketing effectiveness

Do you have permanent lighting inside your business which makes activity inside visible at night?

  • These lights should not be on a switch so they can easily be turned off

Does any fencing around your business block the view of your business?

  • Install a see through fence instead of one that creates privacy

Do hedges/bushes limit viewing of your business?

  • Trim hedges regularly to keep your business looking nice while increasing visibility

When was the last time you actually walked around your business at night and looked at it from a security point of view?

  • Your business will look very different in the winter than the summer because of trees, bushes and leaves
  • Walk around your business after hours on a monthly basis

Are doors and windows in high risk areas armoured with bars or window films? Are blinds or curtains on windows closed after hours?

  • Many burglaries are crimes of opportunity – smash and grabs – they look through a window and see something valuable on a desk

Deadbolt locks are a necessity – do you have them on all external doors and any important doors inside?

  • Where are the valuables kept inside the business – extra security such as deadbolts, safes, steel cabinets, etc. help to reduce the amount of available time before the criminal feels uncomfortable

Do you have quality camera systems installed on the inside and outside of your business?

  • Security cameras are a good deterrent for prospecting burglars

Do you have fresh signs that show that you are protected by a respected security company?

  • Faded signs suggest you may not have looked at your security in recent years

When was the last time you rekeyed your entire business?

  • Electronic access systems are available that reduce the need for employees to have keys and offer greater levels of security to different employees for different areas

Do you make security an important policy within your business?

  • Sometimes employees are involved in burglary because they know where valuables are kept and whether access is easy
  • As a business owner, a strong security policy with your employees sends the right message

Do you check bathrooms and other locations of your business for hideaways before closing for the night?

  • Someone could easily hide and wait for you to leave – a quick check could make all the difference

Security Consultation - Price's Alarms

We would love to come to your home or business and give you a complimentary security evaluation to custom tailor a security system to fit your needs.