Why Price’s Alarms?

Simple. Take a walk through downtown Victoria where we began and see how many businesses count on Price’s Alarms to take care of their security needs. When so many businesses count on Price’s Alarms, it should be a clear sign that we are a great choice. Sure, you could choose a great big monster sized American company that has telephone representatives working in some far away country – but why? Price’s Alarms is the largest independent alarm company in western Canada – we are the local guys, with local people working in local offices, owned by a local family.

Alternatively, you could choose one of the little guys who call themselves local but do they own their own ULC certified monitoring station, if not, your account may be monitored by that same monster sized American company that you were trying to stay away from. Many smaller firms that don’t have enough customers or the finances to do it right, end up selling the monitoring to the big guys in some far off land. In the end, you don’t really end up knowing who you are dealing with or who you should turn to when you have a problem. Can you believe some companies have the monitoring done by local taxi companies that already employ staff 24 hours a day? Don’t let your family or property be in competition for attention with the local pub closing.

Some companies may even own their own locally owned monitoring station, but who are they? Has anyone ever heard of them before? Sometimes doing it right means being here first and growing within the community. It can be very costly to the bottom line to put all of the infrastructure in place to support a handful of customers. A few bad months for any new business in this economy can mean the end of a business.

Don’t leave your security needs to anyone except Price’s Alarms. Call us.  We don’t sell electricity, internet, cellphones, cable TV, vacuum systems or taxis. We are a security company with 120+ years of experience, locally owned with local offices and local people covering a large portion of British Columbia and even Alberta. REAL Security!

  • Canadian owned and operated company
  • Family owned company with over 120+ years of experience and expertise in security systems
  • Security Advisors, Alarm Technicians and Emergency Response Centre are based in Western Canada
  • Provides state-of-the-art security technology
  • Fast alarm response – average 8.2 seconds
  • 9 Local offices serving customers throughout Alberta and BC
  • Security experts providing burglary alarms, access control systems, camera CCTV systems, medical alerts products, and more
  • Call Price’s Alarms at 1.866-384-4104