Something strange happened to us on this past weekend, specifically on Aug.6th/11. A man who claims he was from “?? Security” came to our door and was quite pushy with us. Eventually we had him sitting down at our kitchen table discussing with us that we needed to upgrade our alarm system. Stupidly we did in fact believe him. He said he was actually thinking of working for Prices Alarm Systems but when he found out that he would actually have to “sell” alarm systems and be a “sales person” he said that he would rather work for a company that does not “sell” homeowners alarm systems, etc. He was so believable and us being so vulnerable and naive we accepted what he had to say and we did sign a service contract!

Now it is the day after and both my husband and I realize that what we did with that “?? Security” representative was dumb and we should have known better. So today we have changed our minds and we DO NOT want to go ahead with having “?? Security” as our Alarm Monitoring company.

My husband and I now believe that this was indeed a scam and now we do not know what to do because I gave them a VOIDED CHEQUE and they asked for our driver’s licence numbers and date of births for both my husband and I!! WE WANT TO KEEP PRICE’S ALARMS SYSTEMS AS OUR MONITORING SERVICE!! WE NOW REALIZE THAT WHAT HAPPENED WAS NOT RIGHT AND WE COULD VERY WELL BE A VICTIMS OF A SCAM!!

Please accept our sincere apology for going ahead with this “?? Security” contract and not thinking it out more clearly, but the sales representative from “?? Security” was so slick. I do hope we can clear this all up and hope that we have not fallen victim to a scam!

Thank you Kindly,

Danny and Christina from Sooke BC

Hi Danny and Christina,

We do appreciate your business throughout the years and will do everything we can to help guide you through the confusion brought on by this new company to the Victoria market.

We do believe that in this case, the sales representative you dealt with is the problem and not necessarily the company. Hopefully they realize that being represented this way will only hurt their reputation in the future.

While we cannot reverse the fact that you have given this individual your personal information, we can help ensure that your contract with them is deemed null and void and that your security continues to be monitored by Price’s Alarms. See, in British Columbia, consumers have 10 days to cancel a direct sales contract. Even if they were to have removed our security system and installed theirs, you are still able to cancel the agreement with them in full as long as 10 days have not passed from the time you received a copy of your signed contract. This consumer protection was put in place to provide consumers like yourself the protection you need from unscrupulous suppliers and salespeople. It gives you a cooling off period to think about your purchase and decide whether it was really the right move.

We are glad to have you back with Price’s Alarms and look forward to serving you with the best in security that BC has to offer, from a company with a solid reputation for serving thousands of customers year after year.

Thank you,

Price’s Alarms