Last month my husband and I decided that we were going examine our spending and cut some of our unnecessary bills moving forward. We each pay nearly $100 per month for our cell phone and pay about $25.00 per month for a home telephone. We decided the home phone was a bill we could do without as we are heavy cell users and almost never use the home phone anyway.

Sadly, we completely forgot that our home phone communicates to Price’s Alarms and cancelling the phone broke that communication link. We had to figure out how to fix this quickly as we count on our security system to keep our property safe while we are on the road.

One call to Price’s alarms was all it took. The service person came out and installed a cellular device in our security system that not only resolved our communication issue, it also gave us the added benefit of being able to manage our security system while we are away. I can arm and disarm the system from my phone, get notification my husband arrived home and even get reminders to arm the alarm at bedtime.

The best part is I still saved some money. If you need a security system, I highly recommend calling Price’s Alarms

Brandi S. Victoria BC