We appreciated the great diagnosis & solution for our interior motion sensors, two of which falsely self-triggered while we were out of province travelling. The zone which was the source of the false alarm was deactivated so we could stop worrying about our alarm siren disturbing our neighbours. While we were away, we were offered an appointment time that was booked for a technician to come in person to investigate our problem as soon as we were back home. Technician Timm was very thorough and impressively careful while checking our situation and then diagnosing a logical solution for our pair of 30 year old motion sensors. He talked to us to explain what the options were and we were happy to agree that replacement was the appropriate course of action.

Timm was great at explaining as he worked and he was very careful, removing framed pictures from our walls and carefully moving furniture out of the way before proceeding with his work. When he was finished, Timm asked to use our vacuum to clean up the fallen dust! Timm is a very friendly personable worker who stayed focused on his tasks while happily explaining what he was doing. it is great people that make great teams and Timm is a definite asset.

A big Thank You to the team at Price’s Alarms for keeping us protected throughout so many years and for always taking such good care of us. We highly recommend Price’s Alarms!

Tom & Sue T.