Technical Support – Testing Your System

Testing your security system is simple.

1. Call Our Monitoring Station.

  • Tell us that you wish to test your alarm.
  • Have your PASSCARD ID ready. We need it to verify you.
  • Let us know exactly how long you will be testing your security system. We will not respond to any signals received during this time.

2. Arm Your Alarm.

  • Enter your access code. Wait for the exit delay to expire.

3. Set Off Your Alarm.

  • Open some doors and windows.
  • Walk through an area protected by a motion sensor. Your siren will sound.
  • Remember, there is a 20-45 second delay on any doors designated as entry/exit points.

4. Disarm Your Alarm.

  • Enter your access code.

5. Call Back Our Monitoring Station.

  • Confirm that we received all the alarm signals that you sent.
  • Tell us that you are finished testing.

Note: Your alarm will “seize” your phone line for a few seconds to transmit the alarm signals to the monitoring station. During this brief period, you might not be able to use your phone.

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