Phone Line isn’t Needed for Alarm Monitoring 

Security breaches can occur at any hour and in any season. This includes the stormy months of the year when power outages often occur. You want to know that your home and loved ones are safeguarded, even when the power goes out. Often, a simple upgrade to an existing security system provides that protection. GSM cellular backup requires no phone line or internet connection, enabling the system to send alerts to Price’s Alarms monitoring station in the event of a power outage caused by extreme weather or security system sabotage.

Stay One Step Ahead Of Potential Intruders

GSM cellular backup provides peace of mind beyond a power failure. Our all-in-one alarm systems, which are used in many residential wireless applications, feature GSM cellular backup that works with to provide “crash and smash” protection. This technology solves the concern of an intruder crashing through the door and smashing the control panel in hopes of disabling the alarm and notification to the monitoring station. Smash and crash solutions provided by GSM cellular backup and eliminate this as a workable solution by criminals. Crash and smash technology immediately sends a cellular signal to the monitoring station to let us know that the door has opened and the system is awaiting deactivation using the proper code. If the system were to be destroyed without a deactivation code entered, the monitoring station would see this as a crash and smash alarm and would follow the appropriate alarm.

Cellular Phones, VOIP And Phone Lines To Your Home

Many homeowners have opted to not install standard telephone service in their home because they now use cell phones or voice over IP phone systems. Price’s Alarms will only connect an alarm system through to a Telus or Shaw telephone line. Service provided by other VOIP providers are not considered acceptable to us for alarm communications. In these cases a GSM cellular unit from Price’s Alarms is a great solution for your primary alarm communications, especially when combined with the feature rich benefits from

GSM cellular backup also provides the added protection against the cutting of your telephone lines from the outside of your house. If for some reason a criminal thought to cut the line leading to your home in hopes of disabling alarm communications to our monitoring station, GSM cellular backup ensures the communications still get through and your protection continues.

While GSM cellular backup comes at an additional cost to basic system monitoring charges, it offers wonderful value and the best of protection for what matters most: You, your family and your home. When you consider how much money you spend every month on your smart phone, home/car insurance or even bottled water, protecting your life and your peace of mind is worth it.