Preventing False Alarms

Know how your alarm system works.


National surveys confirm user error is the single largest cause of false alarms.

Anyone whom you authorize to use the alarm (friends, neighbours, house guests or family members) should have a PASSCARD ID and know how to use the alarm.

Know how your alarm system works.

Know your access code and PASSCARD ID.



An unlatched door can blow open, setting off the alarm. A loose fitting door can rattle back and forth and also set off the alarm – without even being opened! Make sure all your doors are firmly latched and snugly closed.

Motion Sensors
Blowing curtains, even gusts of air, can set off a motion sensor. Balloons, can also set off your motion sensor, even when they are barely moving. Make sure all windows are shut before turning on the alarm.


Renovations and Equipment

Alarm devices may need to be moved, or temporarily removed during home renovations. For example, drywall dust can damage smoke detectors, and motion sensors that have been painted over may not work.

Today’s modern high tech equipment is more reliable than ever. Although the least likely source of false alarms, equipment can malfunction. For your peace of mind, TELUS Custom Security Systems offers a variety of maintenance and warranty programs.

Please advise the TELUS Custom Security Systems service department if you have any problems with your alarm or plan on doing any renovations to your home or business.



Pet friendly motion detection is available which allows dogs or cats to roam freely throughout your home without setting off motion detectors. Dogs and cats do behave differently and depending on their age, or the quality or size of animals, they can still set off motion detectors.  Understanding how many animals you have and how they behave is important information for your security advisors to consider when designing the placement of your security equipment. Often times we may choose to use motion detectors in areas which join sections of the home when active, larger or multiple pets stay inside – this puts detection in areas where animals are less likely to jump or climb to cause false alarms.

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