Mobile Emergency Response Now Available

TELUS Custom Security Systems is pleased to announce the 4th product offering in our medical alert division which allows customers the comfort and peace-of-mind knowing they can go anywhere in Canada and still have help at the push of a button.

LifeGard Freedom is a mobile personal emergency response button you wear with you wherever you go. Most medical alert systems are designed to keep you safe when you are home and are often restricted to a small area within the home. With LifeGard Freedom, you can be gardening, walking the dog, heading to the grocery store, and still have protection with you without the confusion of fancy cell phones at a time when you need help.

You can wear LifeGard Freedom around your neck or in a clip-on carrying case. When you need help, anywhere in Canada, just push the button and you’ll be connected to help via an enhanced two-way speaker phone within the device. Your location is automatically transmitted to caregivers and automatic fall detection features are also available.

  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Works both inside and outside the home
  • Easily worn around the neck or in a carrying pouch
  • Enhanced two-way speaker phone
  • Cellular / GPS enabled
  • Water resistant
  • Easy-to-use drop-in charging cradle
  • Fall detection option available
  • Family Response or Emergency Response
  • Portable – take with you anywhere across Canada
  • US travel connectivity add-on is available


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