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Medical Alert Systems in BC and Alberta

Choosing TELUS Custom Security Systems Medical Alert Is The Right Choice!

What is Medical Alert?

A medical alarm system is a way to get help at the touch of a button. Our system will allow you to continue to lead a safe and independent lifestyle in your home. Let us provide you or someone you care about with the means to summon help when it’s needed.

The TELUS Custom Security Systems emergency medical alert system is called LifeGard and is available in several varieties depending on whether you have an operational telephone line, need automatic fall detection, or require increased mobility. Each system comes with a personal emergency pendant or bracelet which allows you to summon TELUS Custom Security Systems Emergency Response Centre for help when needed.

LifeGard Classic – includes a personal emergency button available as a pendant or bracelet

LifeGard Fall – includes advanced fall detection pendant

LifeGard Voice – includes a two-way voice pendant so communication to our Emergency Response Centre can take place through the base station or the pendant itself

LifeGard Freedom – AVAILABLE NOW! – A mobile pendant with or without advanced fall detection which works nearly anywhere and allows two-way voice communication through to a specialized Response Centre. It also contains GPS which tells our operators of your exact location. This device is wonderful for those who are active, shopping, gardening, or walking the dog. Most systems are designed for use only when inside the home, with this system you can get out and enjoy peace-of-mind.

For all the details on Medical Alert call TELUS Custom Security Systems at 1-855-933-4225 and press 2 to speak with our Medical Alert customer care team.

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