Kantech Hattrix Access Control

TELUS Custom Security Systems offers Hattrix access control solutions from Kantech. Access control is sometimes known as card access which allows greater control of physical door access beyond that of distributing keys. Hattrix is a powerful cloud-based access control solution utilizing the industry renowned EntraPass security management software. In the past, access control customers were forced to purchase and support the technology required for access control. Now, TELUS Custom Security Systems hosts a secure cloud based solution so that you can concentrate on what you do best without worrying about technology, software, hardware firewalls and updates. We provide users with a full spectrum of Hosted and Managed access control services using Hattrix to ensure customers get the solution that’s just right for their specific business needs. This level of access control innovation translates into significant advantages in flexibility and scalability, while reducing the infrastructure and training costs compared with traditional access systems.

TELUS Custom Security Systems offers three different solutions to match our customers unique access control situation. Hosted, Managed and Hybrid solutions.

In a Hosted Solution

  • TELUS Custom Security Systems hosts the database, server applications and hardware infrastructure, and provides the initial set-up of the account and components, which enables an end user to administer the services from either a secure web client or workstation. This eliminates your infrastructure costs such as computer hardware, access control software, networking infrastructure, antivirus, updates – instead, TELUS Custom Security Systems handles all of this for you. This can be a great solution for larger organizations that have the staff with time and skills to dedicate to managing and maintaining your access control needs.

In a Managed Solution

  • TELUS Custom Security Systems hosts and manages the database, server applications and hardware infrastructure. We also provide on an ongoing basis all functionality and needs of the account and components. The end user contacts TELUS Custom Security Systems for all changes and configurations, and has the ability to perform day to day operations from the secure web client. No training or specialized knowledge is required – our employees are at your beck and call to handle things so you don’t have to. This can be a wonderful solution for small to medium sized businesses who want to leave security to the experts (TELUS Custom Security Systems) instead of staffing for things outside your core competencies.

In a Hybrid Solution

  • The Hybrid Solution is a combination of both Hosted and Managed. The end user manages all the day to day credential programming, while TELUS Custom Security Systems manages all the more intricate and complicated programming. Things like schedules, access levels, unlock schedules, and door programming are all professionally managed by the security experts at TELUS Custom Security Systems using industry best practices standards.

Call TELUS Custom Security Systems and ask to speak with a Systems Division Security Advisor to find out which Hattrix access control solution is right for you. We are pleased to provide you with the best access control solution to meet your specific needs and the price that makes it all affordable technology without the surprises down the road. Currently as TELUS Custom Security Systems, Price’s is Kantech Global Certified and was the largest provider of Hattrix access control solutions in Canada in 2016.

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