Photo Courtesy of Royal Victoria Security

24 Hour Security Guard Response

Price’s Alarms offers 24 hour private security response services through partners in most areas. Guard response allows for a guard to respond to security alarms as they occur at your business. When the guard arrives, he’ll check doors and windows and make sure everything looks okay; if necessary, he’ll notify our monitoring station that the police should be dispatched.

Guard service is affordable, adds value to your business and gives you peace of mind. Don’t lose another night’s sleep to a false alarm. Don’t worry about your staff responding to emergencies at 3 a.m. When everyone else is sleeping, a team of trained individuals is on the job. Let us do the work of protecting your business while you work to grow it.

Guard response is also available with key service. Key service keeps copies of the keys to your business with the guards so they can enter your business, inspect the premises, and reset the alarm before leaving. This service is not available in all areas of BC.

Perimeter Response is available for only $9.00 per month as a monthly service which includes up to 3 responses per year at no additional charge.

Interior Response is available for $11.00 per month as a monthly service which also includes up to 3 responses per year at no additional charge.

For further information, give us a call during regular office hours and we can let you know whether guard response is a service available where you handle business.