Security Announcement – Beware of the Door Knocker

Every year, a group of traveling sales people travel from city to city across North America, knocking on doors and selling alarm services.
The Better Business Bureau of Vancouver Island has warned consumers to be on the lookout for companies selling door to door. In fact, the BBB rated this as the #1 scam in 2010. Price’s Alarms is concerned the reputation of the security industry is being tarnished by these organizations and individuals, and we are launching an awareness campaign to help protect your security.

Price’s Alarms warns:

These unscrupulous individuals will outright lie to you and do almost anything to get you to question the security you are receiving, pushing you to sign a contract with them on the spot. Price’s Alarms is a reputable company, with a tradition of providing the best in security solutions to Vancouver Islanders for four generations of the Price family. Our suggestion to you is to close the door if you are approached by these individuals, and to tell them that you are simply not interested in listening to them.

We have seen unscrupulous sales tactics used by these companies:

  • They may claim they are from Price’s Alarms
  • They may claim they have purchased Price’s Alarms
  • They may claim Price’s Alarms has gone out of business
  • They may suggest they are there from Price’s Alarms to provide you a free security equipment upgrade
  • They may claim your security system is faulty
  • They may offer to handle the cancellation of your service even though you are under contract
  • They may use high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign a contract on the spot
  • They may try to get inside your house to look at your system or ask you outside to look at something
  • They may claim it isn’t necessary to contact Price’s Alarms prior to having them work on your system

The BBB warns: “Don’t fall victim to high-pressure sales tactics. If you are uncomfortable with a salesperson, ask them to leave your home and call the police if they do not leave immediately. Before signing a contract or making a payment, ask the salesperson for copies of a sample contract, warranty details and their contact information. Tell them you will research their offer and get back to them if you are interested.”
These companies change business names on a regular basis, have a team of installers working right behind them to trap you into their contract, and are often US-based companies that are very difficult to reach. It will be difficult to establish what the truth is when dealing with these door-knockers. They may not have identification or even a business card

All of Price’s Alarms Security Representatives will carry a BC government-issued Security Workers License as well as a Price’s Alarms identity badge and a BC driver’s license. When you deal with Price’s Alarms you know who you are dealing with, and we are always here to serve you. If you have any questions or concerns as to whether someone is truly a representative for Price’s Alarms, please call us toll-free from anywhere at 1 866 384-4104.

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