Interactive Security Apps Engage You With Your Security is one of those exciting products that is changing the way people interact with their security system whether at home or at the office. Price’s Alarms is proud to offer our customers as an authorized dealer in British Columbia.

Discovering what is and how it can work for you is a difficult concept to fully comprehend because ties you together with your alarm system in so many different ways. We’ll try our best to touch base of some reason that we think you should consider adding to your security system from Price’s Alarms.

  • Interactive Security
  • Advanced Monitoring Technology
  • Works without the need for a phone line
  • Monitor your property even when the system is disarmed
  • Stay aware with email and text notifications
  • Control your home or business security via the web or mobile app
  • Video Monitoring
  • Energy Management
  • Home Automation

Interactive Security

In the old days, your alarm was either on or off but now gives you the ability to interact with your security, control it, monitor it remotely and receive notifications through to your cellular telephone, email or smartphone. You can arm or disarm remotely from around the world, be told of a problem immediately like the power going out or a door being left open, you can even be notified the moment the kids arrive home for school.

In the case of business, you can manage your user codes from your computer instead of standing at a keypad, auto arm your business at a certain time or even be notified if somebody doesn’t open the store by the time it is supposed to be open.

Using every day will allow you to discover the way that your alarm system should have been working for you all along. Every single day, you will see the value you gain in having a Price’s Alarms system operational and tied to for interactive services. Please call us to find out all of the details and how can work for you.

Advanced Monitoring Technology on Apple WatchStandard alarm systems tell the monitoring station of breaches in security when they happen but allows the user to control what alarm and non-alarm notifications they want to know, as well as when and how they want be informed.

You can find out when a window gets opened, when somebody arrives home, when movement is detected, and more…lots more. Please call us to find out all of the details and how can work for you.

Works without the need for a phone line

So many people have started to transition away from plain old telephones line, especially at home. allows you to do this without the need to keep your phone line just for security monitoring. Get rid of your phone line if you wish, with you won’t need it.

We basically install a cellular phone in to your alarm system that communicates with us and allows you the connectivity you need to interact with your system. You get all the benefits of that has to offer all for about the cheapest monthly rate you could pay for a cellular phone. The value you receive with added to your security system is exceptional. Please call us to find out all of the details and how can work for you.

Monitor your property even when the system is disarmed

Sometimes we want to know when an area of the home or business is accessed whether the system is armed or not. Knowing when somebody entered the office, went behind the bar, opened the medicine cabinet or went in to the wine cellar may not mean the police need to be called, but with you can be notified immediately with a text notification to your cell phone. Knowing that somebody is tampering with your system right when it is happening is also very informative.

With your system doesn’t have to be armed to keep you informed as to hwat is happenign in or around your property.

Control your home or business security via the web or mobile app

Access to your alarm system is available from the web or your cellular phone or smart phone. Convenient apps have been created for just about every smart phone you might have including the ipad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Now you can take control of the most basic and simple features of your alarm system directly from your mobile device. It is very convenient and acts like an advanced remote control. Please call us to find out all of the details and how can work for you.

Video Monitoring offers the advantage of being able to tie your alarm system together with some lifestyle camera systems. These are HD quality wireless camera systems that are integrated with your alarm and allow you to monitor activities remotely via a computer or smart phone with peek in capabilities or event initiated clip recording.

This is a very exciting product that we consider a lifestyle camera system which is not to be confused with commercial grade camera systems which we also offer. video products allow you the ability to see what is going on and stay informed. Please call us to find out all of the details and how can work for you.

Energy Management

With Energy Management services you can remotely adjust your lights and thermostats and set energy saving Smart Schedules to fit your lifestyle. can help you stop wasting energy and start taking control of your energy bills.

While almost all of us are already using programmable thermostats that follow preset timelines throughout the week for temperature control, they do not give you the same advantage that you get when your thermostats is tied to your security system. Your security system knows when you are home or away already because you set the system every time you leave and arrive home, with your security system knows not to bother with comfortable levels of heat as you leave the house. By dropping the temperature by a degree or two while you are away, every time you are away, you’ll discover the savings that previously went out the door when you did. Please call us to find out all of the details and how can work for you.

Home Automation

Once you have, your alarm system knows when you are home and away and one of the most exciting benefits of is the ability to control lighting, door locks, video cameras and thermostats together under a home automation smart schedule controlled by your security system.

When you arm your security system and leave, knows that you left your back door unlocked and locks it for you automatically. Now that you are away, your home security system lowers the temperature in the house but wants people to think you are home so it turns on and off lights randomly throughout the house so it looks like someone is there. Video cameras can be configured to watch for movement and notify you if something deserves your attention. When you arrive home, the lights turn on, doors unlock and temperature returns to exactly where you want it, all automatically without having to worry about a thing.

Price’s Alarms is your authorized dealer in British Columbia. While it doesn’t work with every alarm panel in the province, we’d be happy to see if it would work together with yours and present you with all of the features available while detailing the associated costs. It is an extremely exciting product that changes the way you see your security system as well as the value you place on your security – because you can now do so much more. functionality will vary depending on your service plan. Please call us to find out all of the details and how can work for you.